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Professional Editing & 
Proofreading Services

Why use a professional editor?

Because writing is hard.

It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to produce a manuscript.
You want to show it to someone who will give you detailed, constructive feedback, not a vague, "I liked it," or "It was okay".

I check for typos, sentence problems, and repeated or missing words. Believability of characters, realistic dialogue, conflict and pacing, descriptions, weak verbs, passive voice, and attributions are all included.

Keep in mind that fixing all of the above is the easy part. Creating a compelling story is so much more difficult.

Don't worry if your work is full of so-called errors. Don't be afraid of imperfection. If the story is good, it will succeed. 

I will treat your work like a precious gem, showing you where to cut, where to polish, when to embellish. In short, how to make it better.


Proofreading is a vital part of preparing your manuscript for publication.  


A poorly edited book is the hallmark of the amateur author.


I’m particularly interested in mysteries, thrillers, short stories, literary fiction, general fiction, YA, and non-fiction.

I am a huge fan of British fiction, and I am very comfortable working with UK authors.






Developmental Editing

(Also called: conceptual editing, evaluation editing)

A developmental edit happens early in the writing process, usually when an author has completed a first draft, or a round of beta reading.

A developmental editor looks at the big picture, focusing on story and plot, rather than details such as word choice, punctuation, and grammar. 

They will examine elements like suspense and tension, momentum and pace, structure, point of view, setting, voice, etc., in addition to how well the story is working as a whole. They will highlight the story’s strengths and its weaknesses.

Keep in mind that developmental editors won’t do any writing or rewriting. They might make suggestions, but their job is to help you become a better writer. They will provide feedback that helps you write a book that fits your chosen genre and readers will enjoy. But remember - a good editor doesn’t impose their own vision on the author’s intentions.

Developmental Editing is valuable to anyone who is new at writing or has concerns about the quality of their work.

Line Editing

(Also called: content editing, or comprehensive editing)

Line editing digs into the words on the page. Working line by line, paragraph by paragraph and chapter by chapter, a line editor should provide you with markups on your manuscript, offering corrections, pointing out incomplete sections, and offering advice on smoothing the flow and construction of your chapters.

A great line editor will make your words sing, but if your content isn’t well structured, it won’t matter. They don't address the elements of the story, or how it holds together.

That’s why it’s important not to jump into line editing before your book has the proper structure and organization in place and your content is where it needs to be.

A line editor is not looking at the big picture. They’re focusing on word choice and whether each sentence has the intended impact.

Like other editors, they focus on your book’s flow, but they’re more concerned with how each word in a sentence interacts with the others and how sentences flow into each other.

Line editors point out run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and clichés. They help you clarify meaning, eliminate jargon, and ensure that each sentence sounds right.

They also push back against the natural inclination many of us have toward wordiness by tightening your sentences and helping you say in five words what you initially said in fifteen.

A line editor is not as concerned with errors, but rather the words you use to communicate with your reader. 

Copy Editing

When you have a finished manuscript—and that means it is as polished and perfect as you can make it—it’s time to hire a copy editor.

A copy editor will meticulously go through your book and find the spelling, punctuation, word usage, and grammar mistakes. 

Copy editors not only find mistakes, they also check that your book follows the style guide appropriate for your genre.

The kinds of mistakes copy editors catch can make the difference between a professional book and one that comes across as amateurish.



I grew up in a family of readers. There is nothing I enjoy more than a good book. But nothing makes me crazier than a book with a terrific plot that is poorly written or full of errors.

Publishers used to accept manuscripts with the idea that their editors would work with authors to fix each and every flaw, from typos to plot holes. That is no longer true. Publishers expect manuscripts to be well polished before they will be accepted. That is where the professional editor comes in.



Chris J

Seriously, I would have been lost without her help and I'm just so grateful. I greatly value her opinion and instincts.

Mitchell T

Really helpful critique. Fast and succinct. Cut to the core and offered useful tips for correction.


Breanne R

You are AWESOME!!! I just finished making all the changes from the google doc you sent. I love that you caught seriously every little thing!! So amazing, and I appreciate it so much! Thank you for your kind words, for the constructive criticism, all of it! 


Lucas P

I've dealt with other editors before, and I feel there's a big difference between them and yourself. For one, you're not trying to steal my work. Two, you're great at what you do, and I pray you get the rightful credit you deserve for being an excellent editor. Words can't even express how much I appreciate you. It's been days and some nights where I've prayed to find the right help to get this book in the right shape for the right literary agent. I know I sound like a broken record but thank you for taking on my project!


Robert M

Christine went beyond and above what I asked for. Beta-reader but also copyedited thoroughly a manuscript I thought was complete. I wanted a Beta reader to see the weak spots in my story. I see the trouble spots, but as a voracious reader, I have seen stars knocked off for the simple comma and more for left out words. I received critical feedback on how the story appeared to readers and what feelings were evoked. 

I know I thought I was perfect on my editing (not even close) but I need that critical eye. The feedback on mistakes was good but I needed to know weaknesses but I also received feedback on spots that worked or were surprising and overall character analysis. It was what I needed to strengthen my writing. 

Christine is worth 10 times the amount she charges because she sees more than a copyeditor and shares honest feedback as a reader and showed care and diligence that was unexpected and more than appreciated, it was needed. Needed when I didn't even know how much it was needed. For that, I am so grateful. And I don't even know enough words to say how much this means to me. 

So Thank you is what I say, but I know and want it to say so much more!


James F.

Christine is gifted with incredible insight. Not only did she find an embarrassing amount of typos and grammar blips in my manuscript, but also her general comments were constructive and to the point. Her observations on the overall structure and plot development were particularly helpful, and I have no doubt that many of her recommendations will find themselves in the final draft. After she had finished, and I asked her a few questions, she engaged me in a very helpful manner, further clarifying points and granting me yet more insight. At all times, Christine remained polite and encouraging, a real pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.



Christine was amazing, both at teaching me well-needed grammar rules and sentence structure. She also boosted my confidence and was amazing to work with!
Five stars Christine!
Look forward to working with you again in the future :)


Rob K.

I had my manuscript edited... professionally edited. And then Christine reviewed it and found MANY important issues - both grammatical and plot-related. I would refer her to anyone who wants to be sure that all "i's" are dotted and "t's" are crossed. I would also say, if you want to have someone looking at your work who knows about plot, character development, etc., Christine should be your #1 choice!



I was lucky to have worked with Christine on my novel. Her proofreading help was very prompt and thorough, and I especially appreciated her willingness to give feedback about characters, plot, and tone. I was very happy with her communication and review and would recommend Christine's editing. 



Please describe your work and editing expectations.

What I don't want to see, and will not edit:

  • Stories that depict graphic sexual activity or abuse involving minors.

  • Rape or sexual assault as a plot device. 

  • Fan fiction.

  • Any kind of racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia etc. within the narrative voice. Characters can be hateful; the story shouldn't be.

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